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Font Magnifier 2.10

Increase font sizes

Font Magnifier allows you to change the text size on your Symbian phone. View full description


  • Great accessibility tool


  • Doesn't work for Nokia N75, Nokia 6290, Nokia N76


Font Magnifier allows you to change the text size on your Symbian phone.

Accessibility is an increasing problem on mobile phones as screens get smaller and the amount of information packed onto them increases. Font Magnifier is a simple piece of software that could have really big benefits for many people.

Font Magnifier is really easy to install and use, with font sizes changed by a scrolling bar and a preview of how big the altered text will be. When the phone is restarted all fonts will change to the chosen size. So those with small displays will be able to read their messages more clearly and anyone with sight difficulties will find their mobile phone much more accessible.

If you have trouble reading text on your phone, Font Magnifier makes a very handy solution.

Did you ever think how to increase or decrease font size on your mobile phone? Now you have font size solution which is called Psiloc Font Magnifier. Psiloc Font Magnifier is a unique application which lets you change the size of all system fonts on your mobile phone. Font Magnifier is a very easy and intuitive application. Just install it, run the application, choose which fonts you would like to change and restart your mobile phone.

Please uninstall previous version and reboot your phone before installing new one.
Due to technical problems, Font Magnifier is not compatible with Nokia N75.
The menu fonts are not magnified on Nokia 6290 and Nokia N76.

Font Magnifier


Font Magnifier 2.10